The Global GT VPS Sponsorship is an exclusive privilege reserved only for loyal clients that meet the Global GT
sponsoring requirements for the VPS service.

VPS Sponsorship means that the company will pay all monthly costs and provide you with a MetaTrader Virtual
Hosting (VPS) that is directly integrated into your MT5 trading terminal, for as long as you maintain the
sponsorship requirements.


By accessing the market through a MetaTrader dedicated Virtual Private Server you can open trades at lightning-fast speeds
effectively minimizing order execution latencies to near-zero with no additional configurations, adjustments or logins to external VPS needed.

The main advantage of MetaTrader Virtual Hosting (VPS) over other third-party VPS is that it is integrated with your MT5 trading platform.
This means that once you complete the initial process and connect it to the specified trading account, it remains connected anytime you open your MT5 for trading. All the benefits of a high-quality VPS with zero hassle.

Moreover, MetaTrader Virtual Hosting works 24/7 in the background, allowing you to run all your Expert Advisors non-stop and keeping
your trades going without needing to have your MT5 terminal on.


To be eligible for MetaTrader Virtual Hosting (VPS) monthly sponsorship you need to maintain:

Minimum Initial Account Equity

$3000 (or account currency equivalent)

Minimum Monthly Trading Volume:

5 GTLots

To join the VPS sponsorship program, you need to have at least $3000 as cash equity (or account currency equivalent)
to the specified MT5 trading account which you would like to be connected to the VPS.

At the same time, you need to maintain a monthly trading volume of at least 5 GTLots (learn what GTLot is here).

If the sponsorship requirements are not maintained, then sponsorship of the VPS will be removed without further notice.

Eligible Account Types: Mini, Standard FX, Standard+, PRO and ECN.



Request our VPS service by completing the form below.


    Follow this easy step-by-step pdf guide on how to setup your MetaTrader VPS.

    Before taking the steps in the PDF form, please ensure that you have email confirmation that you have effectively been
    registered by the broker for sponsorship from Global GT and the only thing that is pending is the configuration from
    your end to connect.

    Download PDF


    Global GT will sponsor registered users with a Mini, Standard FX, Standard+, PRO and ECN account who
    a) meet a minimum trading account equity of $3000 , and
    b) maintain a minimum monthly trading volume of 5 GTLots.

    Global GT may contact you directly to inform you of your eligibility. However, if you meet the requirements and are committed to maintaining the minimum 5 GTLots of trading volume per month, you can contact us for confirmation.

    No, all your monthly VPS expenses will be covered by Global GT for as long as you maintain the monthly sponsorship requirements.

    Please fill the application form on the VPS Sponsorship to be registered for sponsorship.

    Yes, you can apply for, and be granted VPS Sponsorship for more than one of your Global GT accounts (excluding Cent Accounts) if the respective account also fulfills the monthly sponsorship requirements.

    To enable your VPS, you need to follow our pdf guide which step-by-step shows the process required from your end to enable your VPS on your MT5 Terminal. Before following the guide, please ensure that you have email confirmation of your successful registration for VPS sponsorship from Global GT. If you haven’t received email confirmation from us, you will not be able to find and enable your VPS by simply following the guide.

    In the case that the monthly requirements for sponsorship are not maintained, then the service will be automatically removed, without further notice.

    GTLot is an innovative unit, created by Global GT for measuring and benchmarking the trading volume of a Global GT Live Trading Account across all CFD instruments and asset classes. GTLot was created with the purpose of unifying the diversity of the contract size, the denomination, and the nominal value of all available CFD instruments, including Cryptos, into a single standardized unit.  It works by converting the overall trading volume of an account to US$ and by standardizing 1 GTLot to be equal to $100,000 of trading volume. To learn more about GTLot please visit our dedicated page here.

    The VPS Service is available for Desktop only and you can find full instructions on how to get started in our ‘How to’ PDF guide.

    Risk Disclaimer: The VPS service is provided by third parties. These third parties are not owned, controlled or operated by GT GROUP. As such, GT GROUP does not make any warranties regarding regarding the service provided by these third parties.

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