Equity based Leverage – STANDARD FX ACCOUNT

Equity-based Leverage applies to Standard FX Accounts only.

Equity-based Leverage is calculated based on Total Equity (funds that are available in the Client’s MT5 account) and the specific pair. The higher the equity, the lower the leverage and the higher the margin requirement.

When the Equity of a Client’s Live MT5 Trading Account increases or decreases, the Leverage of the account will change according to the tier groups specified in the table below, on all FX Instruments.

CFD Instruments of the Standard FX Account, including Energies, Indices and Stocks all have a fixed leverage, regardless of Equity.

Leverages of the STANDARD FX ACCOUNT

NOTE: Leverages are adjusted automatically without prior notice therefore clients are required to monitor their Equity and margin requirements accordingly which may require certain actions from their behalf.

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