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The Fundamental expert has an extensive experience in the global markets as an analyst and investor.

His passion is searching for facts, digesting news events, reports, and opinions regarding any changing shifts in the macroeconomic and geopolitical environment that may have an effect in price. His trading style is purely fundamental.

If there is an opinion out there, popular or unpopular, he probably knows about it.

His job put simply is to offer his edge, through the prism of his fundamental analysis work.

He often expresses his strong views and opinions on news reports, press conferences and market correlations using intermarket analysis.






The Chartist has an extensive experience in the global markets as a trader.

His passion, technical charts. Give him charts all day long. An expert in picking up details in changes of sentiment and behaviour of market participants.

Applying classical technical analysis, he can read between the lines of a price chart and see things most other technicians simply cannot. Coupled with his experience to trade through major economic events, we dare to say that the Chartist has seen it all, traded it all, and has survived and thrived, to tell the rest of us the tale.

His trading style, in 80% of the cases, purely technical. However, he will tell you, that his biggest winners are usually experienced when his technical view aligns with his fundamental view about the market.






The Quant is an algorithmic expert that brings a unique perspective to the table. His expertise includes statistics, data analysis and software development. So, it is data all day every day. His expertise has allowed him to turn his trading ideas into software that collects, processes, analyses, and synthesizes data.

The Quant can often see ways to utilise data before other traders. Coupled with his experience as an algorithmic trader, his insights are backed up by evidence and data. Using facts and undisputable data he is capable on influencing and changing traders’ perceptions and opinions.

His trading style is 100% algorithmic. Designing and developing tools to support and facilitate his own trading, while also supplying the rest of us with incredible tools, that have made us all faster, more efficient, and more process orientated.

As his expertise states, is natural, that he trusts software and code, more than humans, and this is 100% reflected in the way he identifies and executes his trading.

He often shares his trading insights and the edge he finds through the use of algorithmic software.





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